Eric Hudson, Graphic Design Class of 2015
Professor Kipp cares about the future of her students and wants to see them succeed, from the first day of classes, to the last teary eyed day when they graduate. This shows in the preparation of her lessons, the extra little tidbits of information she throws into her lectures, and the way she geeks out about instructional games and tools while she is in the middle of a lecture. She is always available for her students even when they come to her for help with a class she doesn’t teach, or even if they need help getting to class. Melissa made my days at LCC more enjoyable and educational than I ever thought that they would be. She gave me hope and made me believe that I could succeed and accomplish my goals. She is an incredible graphic designer and a great teacher.
Jessica Hibdon, Graphic Design Class of 2013
I always wanted to take Ms. Kipp’s classes, because she encouraged us to express ourselves in our graphic design projects. I always looked forward to Ms. Kipp’s classes. She is very approachable, and comfortable to talk to about anything. Ms. Kipp is very supporting of her students even after they graduate; she always checks in on how they are doing.
Yvette Robinson, Graphic Design Class of 2011
Melissa Kipp and the Graphic Design department at LCC are great and welcoming. Melissa made you feel at home and not afraid to ask questions. If you needed to talk to her after class about anything she was always available. Melissa, the design department, and my classmates made me feel like I belonged. They offered great suggestions on projects without making me feel like I was making mistakes. Melissa remembers you even after you graduate, and I owe her the job I have now for suggesting me to my employer. She turns into more than just your Professor; she becomes a friend and mentor.

Bev Huffman, Photography Student
Taking photography college classes ‘later in life’ can be intimidating. Fortunately, Ms. Kipp has a way of making everyone feel at ease. I appreciate the passion and knowledge she has for the subject and her style of teaching makes the course challenging yet, fun. She has a flexible teaching style and encourages students to try new things. Her sense of humor makes lectures enjoyable. Never did I imagine I would be as comfortable operating my camera or trying different styles of photography. Ms. Kipp doesn’t stop teaching when a person is no longer in her class. I feel comfortable stopping in to see her at school, emailing questions, or keeping in touch with her on social media where several of her past students get together for photo challenges. Ms. Kipp will always be part of our ‘photography family’.

Gloria Webster, Photo Enthusiast
For many years I have had a great deal of interest in photography but never really knew the correct way to get the most out of my camera and photos. I finally took Photography 1 with Professor Kipp and found out what I had been missing. I really enjoyed the way she taught her class and how she made everyone feel comfortable to ask questions, and I certainly had a lot of them. I was so pleased with her first class I then went on to take Photography II. We were encouraged to have group discussions during class and not only learn from her but from each other’s experiences. Even to this day if I need some professional advice she is always eager to help even though I am not a student at this time. I have become more confident in my abilities as a photographer thanks to Professor Kipp and strongly encourage others to take her classes.
Anonymous, Distinguished Faculty Nomination
Melissa Kipp always takes the time with each student to make sure they understand what she is teaching. She is always willing to allow you to stay after class if you have additional questions, and has an open door policy allowing you to come in to get additional help with assignments. I personally invited two of my friends to enroll this semester and they are both very happy that they made the choice to attend. She is a very patient teacher for those that struggle adapting to new technology. She is always excited to see our work and very helpful with advice on ways to improve.

Anonymous, Distinguished Faculty Nomination
She is such a great teacher in every way possible. She is passionate, caring, and I truly feel like she wants me to succeed as a student. Her lectures are interesting and her assignments are engaging. She is well organized and always prepared for class. Any time I have come to her with questions, she has been more than willing to help.
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